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I’m celebrating my recent move to my new studio at Groveland in Roughton by being a prize winner at the International Festival of Glass in Stourbridge!

Since its inception in 2004 the aim of the Festival has been to celebrate and showcase the skill and innovation of the glass industry and makers, both historic and contemporary, local and international.

The “Celestial Bodies” exhibition launched at the Festival commemorates the 50 year anniversary since the first man stepped onto the moon. My piece is entitled, ”Icarus Meets the Sun” and shows the figure from Greek mythology as he flies with his wax wings too near to the sun.

When I first moved to Cromer I was fascinated by the name of my local butcher which was Icarus Hines. I thought he was someone form the Victorian era but Icarus was the man behind the counter serving me! With a name as ordinary as Susan, I have always been impressed by unusual names and Icarus immediately sprang to mind when I read the brief for the exhibition.

My piece not only sold immediately the exhibition was officially opened but I won the Runners Up prize for Best in Show. The exhibition located at the Ruskin Centre in Amblecote runs until 28th September.