Pebble Series of Fused Glass Dishes

I moved to Norfolk to fulfil a lifelong ambition to live by the sea. Once here, I was overwhelmed by the huge skies, dramatic seas, verdant countryside and beautiful sunsets.  The ability to wander along the seashore and beach comb whenever I want  is something that I have always dreamed of doing.

I find it amazing that every pebble on the beach is unique! With these piece of  individual glass art, I have created  pebble shapes, capturing the colours and beauty of both the beaches and the countryside within their shapes. To do this, I make fused glass panels of colour with frits, powders and paints. I then smash the panels, fuse the shapes again in the kiln which then create a series of individual pebbles.  I form and fuse these into circles which I slump into a mould to develop my interpretation of living by the sea.

Each Pebble dish is unique and is priced at £65.00.

To buy them, please visit my on-line shop at

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