Little Fishy Series of Fused Glass Dishes

I moved to Norfolk to fulfil a lifelong ambition to live by the sea. Once here, I was overwhelmed by the huge skies, dramatic seas, verdant countryside and beautiful sunsets. having always lived within highly urban environments, I was particularly interested in the fraternity and industry of the local crab fishermen. These men go out to sea in all weathers in tiny boats to catch crabs, lobsters and fish.

With these piece of  individual glass art, I have created  fish forms using the  pate de verre technique.  I cut glass circles, create a sea background using frits, powders and paints which I then fuse together. The fish are then tack fused onto the fused circle of glass which I slump into a mould to develop my homage to these hunters of the sea.

Each Little Fishy dish is unique and is priced at £65.00.

To buy them, please visit my on-line shop at

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