Circus! Circus! Series of Fused Glass Pictures

I have always been more than a little in love with the circus.  When I was a child we would alternate between the pantomime and the circus each Christmas.  I always looked forward to the colours, the sparkles and glitter, the daring acts, the smells and sounds I experienced under the Big Top!  It was a world of total wonder and magic for me.  As a chubby little girl, I wanted to be that glamorous figure swinging from the trapeze!!!

However, having moved to North Norfolk, I discovered the Hippodrome Circus in Great Yarmouth.  This is Britain’s only surviving total circus building, built in 1903 by the legendary circus showman George Gilbert and is famous for its water spectacle.

The Hippodrome inspired me to develop a body of work based around the theme of performance – both acts of skill and physical stamina and the slightly scary aspects of clowns. For this, I developed a series of fused and painted glass roundels featuring different acts against a background of the big top interior.  Entitled, “Circus, Circus!” these are then framed with a finished size of 25cms square and are wall hung.

Each Circus! Circus! picture is unique and is priced at £75.00.

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