CirQ Series of Fused Glass Brooches

I moved to Norfolk to fulfil a lifelong ambition to live by the sea. Once here, I soon discovered a fascination with the iconic entertainment forms around  me, especially the Hippodrome Circus in Great Yarmouth.   This is Britain’s only surviving total circus building, built in 1903 by the legendary circus showman George Gilbert and is famous for its water spectacle.

The Circus inspired me to record the theme of movement.  I have tried to capture the abstract shapes and colours that flash before the eyes as figures strut, dance and contort in front of you.  Using photographs that I take during performances, I capture and freeze moments of movement. These I have interpreted into large fused glass badges – the CirQ Range.

To make these unique, wearable piece of glass art, I cut circles of glass, make or use fused glass panels of colour with frits, powders and paints. I then smash the panels, fuse the shapes again in the kiln and then manipulate them to reproduce different movements.  these then have a silver safety clip adhered to the back and comes in a fuchsia pink presentation box.

Each CirQ brooch is unique and is priced at £45.00.

To buy them, please visit my on-line shop at

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